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Unified Communications for SMBs.

While most UC packages are designed by large enterprises' and based on their needs, AdvaTel's InTouch is the UC package specifically designed with a full understanding of the different needs of SMBs.

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Designed specifically for SMB needs

Normally SMBs are offered a scaled down UC package that is designed for enterprise customers. But the needs and calling patterns of SMBs are so different to enterprise users. If you need to call, HR, Brochure design, Legal or IT these are internal calls for an enterprise user but they are also external calls for an SMB user as they outsource these business functions.

A Full Outlook Plug-in

AdvaTel’s InTouch was specifically designed to address the needs of SMBs to deliver enhanced UC features and enhanced productivity in a simple Outlook Plug-in. Most users work from Outlook and InTouch is always there, no need to open up separate applications to communicate with your contacts.

Provides full UC for all your internal and external contacts

InTouch allows users to communicate with internal and external contacts easily across multiple platforms of communication via Telephony, Microsoft Outlook, Skype, MSN, and Yahoo. Features include federated two way presence, click to dial, click to IM, click Email, click to SMS, Click to Pounce (immediate notification when a user has become available) and view the users calendar status i.e. whether they are in a meeting or out of office. This will ensure users make contact using the right form of communication the first time, which will result in the cost saving benefits and improved productivity.

Federated Telephony presence via the telephone, Skype, MSN and Yahoo



Calendar Mining, all your contacts  presence inside Outlook


Calendar mining

Call Dialog Window – Displays the calls progress




InTouch will display the real-time telephony status of your internal contacts such as Idle, Busy, Do Not Disturb and Call Forward.

InTouch also provides 2 way federated presence via Skype, MSN and Yahoo to internal and external contacts. InTouch will automatically federate out your presence as busy whenever you are on the phone, in a meeting or out of office.

Your internal and external contacts can easily see if you are available before they even make contact with you.

InTouch also allows you to communicate with your contacts via telephone, email, SMS, IM via Skype, MSN and Yahoo, all from one contact point.

InTouch also provides Outlook Calendar mining which will display whether a contact is either “in a meeting” or “Out of office”.

Hover over the contact and it will also display what time they will finish their meeting or when they will be back in the office along with their telephone and IM presence.

This allows the user to make an informed decision on the best method of making contact. This calendar presence is federated to all external contacts as well.

Call Dialog window will pop up on incoming or outgoing calls displaying the contact information, duration of call, IM via Skype, MSN or Yahoo during the call or even schedule a call back within a preset duration.

Call Back – Never forget to call someone again



SMS from the desktop



Pounce – Advises when a user is available



Have you ever spoken with someone and said you will call them back in 5 minutes but never do.

InTouch allows you to easily schedule a call back directly from the call screen pop and will be automatically added into your Outlook Calendar to remind you. Never forget to call someone again.

InTouch can now allow users to simply click on a contact entry and type the required SMS on their keyboard. This keeps a copy of all the SMSs they send in their PC where they are easy to access at any time.

Additionally and of equal importance, InTouch allows you to receive the reply SMS as an e-mail (in writing) so you also have a written record of the reply (time and date stamped).

Of course if you are receiving e-mails on your smart phone then you get a copy of the SMS reply on your cell phone as well.

By adding pounce InTouch allows users to right click on a contact they want to communicate with at the next available opportunity.

When the contact next comes on line, they will receive a “now available” notification in the form of a call screen pop.

It also indicates which methods of communications are possible with their contact at that time.