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Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems.

The company provides unified  communications, contact centers, and related services directly and through its channel partners to leading businesses and organisations around the world.

Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.


Successful companies of any size—whether they have five, 25, or 250 employees—are always looking for new ways to keep their business flexible, innovative, and competitive without driving up operating costs.


Avaya IP Office helps you achieve these goals by providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications more efficiently, whether on their laptop, mobile phone, office phone, or home phone using wired, wireless, or broadband connections.


Combining advanced, big-business functionality with the ease of use and simplified management that small businesses require, Avaya IP Office helps small businesses use  communications to differentiate them from their competition.

IP Office

IP Office

Avaya IP Office offers a solution to fit the needs of any small business at three levels of service. Avaya IP Office Essential Edition is the perfect small business starter kit with all the must-haves (call routing, caller ID,  hold/conference/transfer, voicemail) plus a great selection of Avaya phones.

Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition offers 10 times more voice messaging capacity and the ability to handle dozens of calls simultaneously.

Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition adds automated 24/7 self-service, real-time customer service management, and seamless retrieval of recorded calls.

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IP Office lets you:

bullet Lower mobile phone and long-distance bills
Better manage your company’s mobile phone and long-distance charges by routing calls through the system and over broadband links.

bullet Handle more calls with fewer people
Make your staff more efficient with the help of built-in intelligence to route calls quickly and  accurately.

bullet Add employees without increasing real estate
IP Office provides the flexibility to have extra staff working from home with access to all the communications capabilities available at the main office.

bullet Eliminate conference calling fees
IP Office makes everyday conferencing affordable with built-in 128-party conferencing.

bullet Centralize administration
For businesses with more than one location, IP Office enables system management from a central location. Minimize the need for administrators to travel between sites.

User Profiles

Power User

bullet Power User


The Power User solution lets employees with a laptop control office communications using an IP phone, mobile phone, or laptop; conduct personal video calls; have calls ring simultaneously on all their devices; get  automatically notified of important voice mails and e-mails (viewing them in the same inbox); and set up conference calls on the fly—with up to 64 participants.


Mobile Worker

bullet Mobile Worker


The Mobile Worker solution makes any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system—complete with call handling features, speed dials, and more.


Office Worker

bullet Office Worker


The Office Worker solution lets employees control all communications from their PC, access visual voice mail, and use IM and presence capabilities to quickly reach  co-workers.



bullet Teleworker


The Teleworker solution makes any home office a remote extension of your main office, with the same phone and functionality that’s found in the office.

Customer Service


bullet Receptionist


The Receptionist solution streamlines call handling with easy controls so they can monitor all extensions and provide coverage for multiple offices.


Customer Service

bullet Customer Service Agent


The Customer Service Agent solution is a browser-based client that lets agents see the number of calls on hold, in progress, and lost, as well as the number of available agents.

bullet Customer Service Supervisor

The Customer Service Supervisor solution gives you reports on sales activities, the value of marketing campaigns, and how well agents are handling sales and service calls.

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Power User

Tele worker

Mobile Worker


bullet Over 170,000 IP Office systems sold worldwide to-date

bullet Network up to 1,000 users across 32 sites (384 at a single site)

bullet Flexible, hybrid solution: IP or Digital, analog or SIP

bullet No fans or moving parts for high reliability and low power consumption

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