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Refurbished Phone Systems

One of the best ways a small business can look and act like a larger company is to choose the right phone system. By providing big-business features at an affordable price, small business phone systems are a powerful tool for growing your business.


Does my small business need a PBX phone system?

Well it may just do, but that doesn't mean it will break your budget!  Refurbished phone systems are the easiest way of getting the features your business needs, without the cost of brand new.  Think about it, you probably buy things for yourself second hand on eBay, or at garage sales, the products are in perfect working order and suit your needs.  Refurbished phone systems are just like that, in perfect working order, just not brand new.  TDP Communications also provide inhouse financing options for your business making a refurbished phone system even more accessible.

We have large supplies of Commander NT, Commander NT40, Commander HX and Commander Vision phone systems ready to deploy in your business today.


What quality assurance do you provide?

We test all equipment prior to allowing them to be fit for purpose, that means you have the assurance that they are ready to use in your business and all features are fully functional. 

In fact, we even program the systems to your requirements before we install it at your office so it's perfect.  We also provide a limited warranty for the whole phone system.


How much will a refurbished phone system cost?

By purchasing refurbished you can reduce your costs be up to 50% in some cases.  Request a quote today from one of our Account Managers to see the difference.


What features will they have?

Well it all depends on how old the phone system is, if its 5-10 years old, most advanced features such as conferencing bridges are available and can be installed on a refurbished phone system.  Some phone systems can manage Unified Communications as well!

The Commander BCM phone system is a versatile PBX solution that can manage most advanced telephony features.  The Commander NT or Commander Connect PBX phone system are ideal for the Samall Business or upstart, looking to save cash for business growth.  These are ideal for most evolving businesses providing the essential phone system features at a lower price.

Talk to one of our Account Managers today about your requirements and we can have it installed as soon as tomorrow!

Any use of the word "Commander" is meant as a product description only and not as a relationship with M2 Commander Pty Ltd.