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Business Relocation

Moving your business can be a huge stress on both your business and every person involved.

So why not work with someone who assists others all the time?

Move your office easily with TDP Communications.  Let us arrange all your IT & Communications as a whole.

Relocating your business is a major project involving coordination with Removalists, Cablers, Office Fabricators, Electricity Suppliers, Network and Internet Service Providers to name a few. Working with a professional business that can manage the relocation of all your business IT and communication services will relieve a lot of the stress involved in relocating your business.

We regularly work with businesses to move their IT and communication resources from their existing location to a new premises. We work alongside businesses as part of their relocation team, often working outside business hours to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

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Download our quick guide for relocating your business.

Start discussions with us early at the design stage to ensure that all the necessary cabling, IT and communication infrastructure is in place at the new premises as part of your planning. Get the right advice on the communication services your business requires at the new premises, whether it would be better to upgrade to IP Telephony instead of cabling in old technology.

Getting good quality advice and partnering with a business that provides experienced professional service is paramount to a smooth transition into your new office space.

TDP Communications can provide your business, as part of your relocation team, a plan from design to completion to manage your IT & communications move with minimal business impact.

Where to get started?

Click here to Relocate your businessDownload our quick guide for relocating your business.
It will give you a quick overview of some of the common business relocation activities required to be actioned.  Also included is a easy to use table for outlining the businesses you use throughout the business relocation.