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Direct in Dial & Hunt groups

With a few changes on your current technology fit out, you can streamline inbound customer calls and allow greater flexibility in how your customers communicate with you...

Covering at depth, Direct in Dial features and how to drive business efficiencies, the four types of hunt groups and areas where you can improve customer contact with your staff and initiating auto attendants to manage out of hours and busy periods.

Some companies decide to outsource out of hours messaging services for their 24-hour service, why would you do this when you have all the tools in-house to manage this already?

Others employ staff to solely manage the inbound calls to their business, for a fraction of a months wages, you can set up call handling features and provide the staff with higher level tasks gaining a greater return from your employee’s time.

Direct in Dial, Hunt groups and Auto Attendants increase business productivity. With a small outlay, your investment will pay itself off within months. Your staff will manage
higher duties and your customers will be efficiently directed to the most relevant department.

This eBook outlines these concepts and provides you with a few ideas on how to maximise the technology around you, to increase business performance.