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Those staff who are always located in a fixed location, whether that be the office or from home.


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Improve productivity and provide better service to your customers with Samsung OfficeServ Communicator.

Samsung OfficeServ Communicator seamlessly brings together voice, video and messaging to give your staff the tools to collaborate easily, fostering faster decision making, better communication and business growth.

OfficeServ Communicator provides a single interface to give improved call control with point and click convenience straight from your PC. Simply click to dial from MS Outlook, return a call from a call log displaying all your incoming, outgoing and missed calls. And conferencing is a breeze with Communicator’s intuitive conferencing facilities.

With OfficeServ Communicator one-to-one video is a simple reality and lets you see co-workers with a click of a mouse to improve communication and productivity for staff, even if they are dispersed over multiple locations or remote sites, or over large premises.

Functionality and User Benefits


User Benefits

Easy Call Control

From a simple click you can control and manage your calls, including hold, transfer, redial, access your speed dials or conference in your work colleagues. You can even choose to record your call or return a call through the intuitive call log.

Click to Dial from your MS Outlook Contacts

Simply select a contact with MS Outlook and Communicator will let you select the number you want to call and automatically set up the call.

See the Contact Status of your Colleagues

OfficeServ Communicator allows you to see if your colleagues are on the phone, quickly call or transfer a call to them, or access your speed dials and additional system features.

Simple Conferencing Management

OfficeServ Communicator enables you to quickly initiate a conference call and the ability to manage your conferencing needs by giving you the ability to create, edit, and save your conference groups.

Increase Efficiency and Be More Productive

There is no business that does not want to become more efficient. Being more efficient lets you get more things done. And in any business a key component to this is communication.

Because Communicator runs seamlessly in the background, staying in contact has never been easier.

With everything at your fingertips, employees can communicate more effectively and more simply, boosting your productivity and enabling your business to be super responsive.

Being able to contact the right people at the right time is critical for business determined to deliver exceptional customer service. For this OfficeServ Communicator has got you covered. With its quick and trouble free installation your employees will be up and running in no time at all.