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Dynamic executives and managers who are office bound and mobile outside the office and need access to their staff and company information and resources to make timely business decisions anywhere and anytime.

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The Samsung IP Executive User Application Bundle delivers a total suite of features that equip the executive to work effectively and productively, whether in the office, at home or on the road, key personnel will always be responsive to customers and colleagues.

Location is no longer a barrier to your communications as the Samsung OfficeServ offers a single user interface that integrates voice, video, and conferencing. And when combined with OfficeServ Mobex Executive you have all the powerful features of the Samsung OfficeServ platform right at the touch of a button, whether that is your desk phone, your laptop, your softphone, or even your mobile.

The Samsung Executive Worker bundle is all about allowing managers and key staff to be accessible and productive as possible to enable your business to be flexible and responsive in virtually any environment or situation.

Functionality and User Benefits


User Benefits

One Number Access

For executives that travel, the Samsung OfficeServ Mobile Extension feature enables them to be seamlessly connected back to the office and contactable through just one number no matter which device you want to take the call on.

Easy Call Control

From a simple click you can control and manage your calls, including hold, transfer, redial, access your speed dials or conference in your work colleagues. You can even choose to record your call or return a call through the intuitive call log.


Every time you leave the office, no matter the distance or location, Samsung’s OfficeServ Softphone gives you the convenience and functionality of your office phone right from your PC, Laptop or Mobile device.

Click to Dial from your MS Outlook Contacts

Simply select a contact with MS Outlook and Communicator will let you select the number you want to call and automatically set up the call.

Simple Conferencing Management

OfficeServ Communicator enables you to quickly initiate a conference call and the ability to manage your conferencing needs by giving you the ability to create, edit, and save your conference groups.

In today’s competitive business environment, time is money and nothing gives you back more time that the Samsung OfficeServ system.

Through its intuitive and simple feature, it enables executives to stay in control without being restricted to the office.

Allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse, as your contactability and accessibility is increased enabling you to advise, direct and respond to key business critical decisions as and when they arise.

Samsung’s sophisticated platform of applications has been designed with the needs of the executive in mind to ensure that they are equipped with the tools to increase business productivity.

And not just for today, but for tomorrow, as Samsung’s offers a range of features that will enable your business to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition.

And so if you are saving time, your business is more efficient. When you are more efficient, your business is more productive. When you are more productive, you are improving your bottom line.