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Staff that travel (intra-state, interstate and internationally) and regularly work outside the office.

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To maximise productivity, Samsung’s OfficeServ mobility solutions keeps mobile workers connected via handsets, laptops, or mobiles when away from their desks.

Samsung’s OfficeServ mobile extension (Mobex) application allows users, through their mobile phones (or other devices) to be seamlessly connected to the office, enabling them to communicate anywhere and anytime. Workers, no matter their location have access to the range of OfficeServ Samsung system features, for instance, transferring calls back to the office or setting up conference.

Samsung OfficeServ Softphone allows mobile workers to enjoy the full functionality of their desk phone from their Microsoft Windows-based PC. As long as they have internet access, workers can be contacted by their colleagues, have access to their voicemail, be in touch with customers and can make calls via their Samsung OfficeServ Softphone for a fraction of normal call costs.

Functionality and User Benefits


User Benefits

Mobile Extension

For employees that are mobile outside of your workplace, the Mobile Extension enables them to be seamlessly connected back to the office.


Every time you leave the office, no matter the distance or location, Samsung’s OfficeServ Softphone gives you the convenience and functionality of your office phone right from your PC, Laptop or Mobile device.

Click to Dial from your MS Outlook Contacts

Simply select a contact with MS Outlook and Communicator will let you select the number you want to call and automatically set up the call.

See the contact status of your Colleagues

OfficeServ Communicator allows you to see if your colleagues are on the phone, quickly call or transfer a call to them, or access your speed dials and additional system features.

Letting you cut the cords to the office!

Samsung OfficeServ Mobility Solution allows staff who work outside of the office to gain full access to the communication tools of the office, anywhere and anytime.

Productivity and contactability is dramatically improved with mobile staff being in control of all their communications needs through seamless connectivity to the office.

Business responsiveness will get a significant boost as mobile staff can be contacted regardless of their location.

As contactability increases so will the quality of your customer service as your staff are better equipped to respond and deliver no matter their location.

Cost savings will also be achieved as calls can be intelligently routed to take advantage of the businesses calling plans.